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Talk through stories

Talk Through Stories

Talk Through Stories is a scheme that has been created by the founder of RWI (Ruth Miskin). Talk Through Stories is designed to extend and deepen children’s vocabulary so that they can understand the books they will soon be able to read for themselves. 


How does it work?

In Story week, we help children to get to know the story really well: the plot, the characters, and their actions and motives. The following week, we explore eight words from the previous story. These words have been specifically selected to develop children’s understanding of each word in the context of their everyday lives.


The vocabulary that we will focus on are called 'Tier 2' words. These are words that children are unlikely to hear in everyday conversation but are likely to come across in stories.


Keep updated with the stories and key vocabulary that we will be using in school, so that you can use them at home with your child.

Week 1 and 2 - Goldilocks and The Three Bears

Week 3 - The Gingerbread Man 

Week 4 - The Three Billy Goats Gruff

Week 5 - Jack and the Beanstalk

Week 6 - Little Red Riding Hood