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Summer 1 - Stories from other Cultures


 This unit explores story structure using a story from another culture. Dragon Slayer, which is an adventure story set in China, provides a very exciting model for the children to explore using pace and suspense to add excitement to their narratives. We will explore the story and how the main character - Mai-ling - defeats the dragon terrorising her village, before continuing the story with her facing a horrifying ogre rampaging through the nearby forest. 





ancient,     extinct,       darkened beneath the shadow,      crept,      beam,        nestling,      rattled,        bed



Summer 2 - Play scripts

We begin the term by looking at a play centred around a sibling rivalry on Father's Day. We will then use this to explore the range of structural features of play scripts and their various purposes before the children write a play script based around dealing with a malicious bully at the park.



Malicious                      Correspondence            bickering                     cunning          outwit 

eccentricities           one-upmanship               quaint                            fledgling                  devious                bitter