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Gods and Mortals 


This term, the topic that we are looking at is Gods and Mortals.

 We are going to begin this topic with our WOW event, where we will be competing in our houses and taking part in Olympic events such as javelin, discuss, shotput, relay, sprint and log distance running.


Further on in this topic we will be learning about where Greece is on a map, investigating a range of different Ancient Greek artefacts, creating a timeline of the major events in Ancient Greece and learning about Ancient Greek life.


What a fantastic topic! 


Ancient Greek Olympics WOW event


What a fantastic start to our topic this term! Year 3 and 4 took part in their very own Olympic Games this week, with lots of different events including sprint, long distance running, relay, shotput, discus and javelin. We have seen some amazing athletes and wonderful sportsmanship too. 


Well done everyone, I am so excited to see what the rest of this term brings.