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It is incredibly important for children to read and to be read to. This increases their vocabulary and a passion for reading independently. We ask that you encourage your child to read to someone at least 5 times each week. Depending on your child's ability or focus this may only be a couple of pages at a time.


Encourage your child to look at the picture in their book, what do they think is happening and why? 

                                                                                        Where do you think the caterpillar is going? How do you think he is feeling?


This part of reading is just as important as reading the actual words as a child may read each word, but cannot comprehend the text to follow the story. This will not engage a child and may be a reason they are reluctant to read. We will change your child's book once a week as it is also really important to become fluent with a book and this is aided by repetition.


Please send your child's book and reading record into school everyday so we can see what they have read and how they are progressing.