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Unique, respect, bullying, teasing, fair, internet, qualities, 


Last term we looked at different emotions, this knowledge will be developed to help children identify what makes them unique. In EYFS, children will have looked at what they have that is the same as their peers, this year we will identify features that are the same but also features that are different. We will also be introduced to the term bullying as well as identifying who is special to us. 



Internet Safety:



A lesson on internet safety will be delivered once every term. So far, Gospels have learnt that if you feel uncomfortable online, you should tell an adult. We sang a song to remind us what to do. 




This term the children will learn that not everything we see on the internet is true because sometimes people make up stories or pretend to be someone else. However, we will discuss the positives of the internet such as, keeping in touch with people, playing games and finding out information.