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This weeks Maths

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Can you complete the number bonds to 5? Look at the first robot and count the circles on the numicon and then say the number sentence. Can you complete the other number sentences? You can write the number sentence and draw the correct numicon to match.








If you don't have some of the items below change them for things you do have in your house. Don't forget to put your work onto Tapestry.





Repeating patterns don't have to be in a straight line, can you make a repeating pattern in a circular shape. Below is an example, but you can choose your own pattern, and can add extra colours or items.



If you have any skittles why not make a repeating pattern with them like below by placing them onto a plate.......



Then add water gently onto the plate and watch what happens....



Take a photo of your patterns.







Can you name the 2D shapes? Draw each shape. Can you see something in your house that is the same shape. Take a photo, draw the item or write it down.



If you have some blocks why not get them out and use them alongside the episode of Numberblocks Episode - Hide and Seek


Write number sentences to match the Numberblocks.