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Years 1 & 2

ASDA Steve paid Year 2 Apostles a visit today to share with us that you can eat different parts of a variety of plants! It linked to all of our science learning this term and we loved trying lots of different foods!


This year we have an exciting new opportunity for the children at St Nicholas Academy!

We will be having fortnightly video calls between a real farmer and ourselves. Bringing the countryside to life.

Farmer Time is all about harnessing the power of digital communications to inspire, engage and educate young people about not only the journey from farm to fork but also the everchanging, diverse agricultural industry. Children regularly chat live to their matched farmer from their classrooms through FaceTime or Skype, discuss ideas, ask questions, share knowledge and gain a ‘real-time’ understanding of the issues farmers face every day.

FARMER TIME - Apostles

Year 2, Apostles. We had a lovely stroll this morning to visit Father John in St Nicholas Church!!We were able explore all the different areas of church and learn so many new and interesting facts! We loved lighting our very own candles and thinking about someone special to us.

WOW day! Rio de Vida! Year 1 and Year 2 held a Brazilian carnival to kick start this colourful topic. We dressed up in our brightest carnival clothes and made colourful masks. We played carnival music and invited Mrs Booth and Mr Bell to join in our procession around the classes. We loved participating by clapping, dancing and moving in time to the music.

Willoughby Tractor! The children in Year 1 and 2 had a fascinating time looking around and inside of a real life working tractor! Their eyes were full of awe and wonder …

Saying goodbye …

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Harvesting our crops! We had an exciting afternoon looking and taking care of our allotment! Lots of things were ready to harvest! We can’t wait to share them with our families! Then we need to put our thinking hats on as to what we would like to plant next…