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School Days




Arithmetic, cane, centenary, chronological, dunce’s cap, invention, monarch, punishment, strict

This term our history project, School Days continues where we delve deeper into Victorian life and Victorian schooling. So far we have learnt all about our school, St Nicholas  Church of England Primary Academy and its history. We looked at key events that have changed our school such as moving locations and joining Infinity Academies.


We began to look at the Victorian period in general and then focused on what schools were like during the Victorian era. 

Victorian Schools // 19th Century For Kids

What was school like in Victorian times? Do you find school fun and exciting, or dull and boring. Either way, I think you'll have a new found appreciation for your teacher, school, and classmates after finding out what it was like to go to school in the Victorian Era.



Wilderspin National School "Mr Wilderspin's Infant System - Barton 1846"

Film showing a typical Infant System school day. Filmed at Wilderspin National School Museum in Barton upon Humber UK.