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Our Church School Values

This term our Collective worship theme will be based around 'Family'.  We will be exploring how families are different, what is special about them and how we can be members of lots of different families.  We will also be exploring some stories from the Bible to help us understand more about being part of God's Family.


At home perhaps you could talk about all the different people in your family together?  Perhaps there are members of your family who live in your house but others might live in another town or another country?!  We will be inviting the children to tell us about their family over the term and discussions at home beforehand will help them to have lots to tell us about!


Our Class Family


On our first day back together we read a story about families.  We met different families in the story and were surprised to find out how many different types of family there are.  Afterwards we talked about our class and how we can be a family too.  We then all made a model of ourselves to put together as a family.