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Our Church School Values

Summer Term 2

Our theme this term is Responsibility!

This term we will think about being responsible.  To start this theme we will think about what we are responsible are and what would happen if we weren't responsible. To help the children understand this we will explore 'The Parable of the Talents' which is a story in which Jesus teaches people about not wasting their God given talents and to use them responsibly.

You can watch the story here:

Parable of the Talents

We will be exploring how Christians believe we all have a shared responsibility to look after and safeguard all of God's creations, especially each other and the Earth.

Summer Term 1

Our theme this term is LOVE











Spring 2 - Justice

This term our collective worship theme is all based around justice!

What is justice?

Justice is the morally fair and right state of everything. To have justice as a person's character trait means that they are just and treat everyone the same. They would also treat people how they would like to be treated.



Moses and the Exodus (Exodus 4-14)

God asked Moses to lead his people out of slavery in Egypt to the Promised Land. Moses was at first reluctant, thinking that the Israelites would not believe he had heard the word of God. God then gave Moses special powers and inspired by this, Moses returned to Egypt and demanded freedom for his people.

Spring 1 - Forgiveness


This term we will be thinking about the meaning of forgiveness and why it is important.  We will reflect on times that we have forgiven others or asked for forgiveness and what that really means.  Have we really meant it when we said sorry?  Have we really forgiven someone who has said sorry to us?


We will begin by exploring the story of 'The Prodigal Son' from the Bible.  You can watch it here:



The Prodigal Son - Beginner's Bible

Autumn 2 - Peace


This term our collective worship value is 'Peace'.  We will explore with the children what the word peace means in it's different contexts and will help the children reflect on what peace could mean to them.  As a starting point to our value we will focus on Remembrance Day and how the poppy has become a sign of peace to many people.  We will also think about the word peace in our lead up to Christmas and explore within the Christian Bible why Christmas is a time for Peace.

We know that Remembrance Day can be hard for younger children to understand and also quite upsetting.  We will therefore use the Poppy animation produced by Cbeebies to help the children to understand in an age appropriate way why the poppy became the symbol of peace.  You can view the animation that we will share with the children below.

CBeebies | Poppies animation

'Poppies' is a BBC Children's remembrance animation. The animation sees The Great War experienced by the animal inhabitants of a WW1 battlefield. Visit us at...

Autumn 1 - Family

This term our Collective worship theme will be based around 'Family'.  We will be exploring how families are different, what is special about them and how we can be members of lots of different families.  We will also be exploring some stories from the Bible to help us understand more about being part of God's Family.


At home perhaps you could talk about all the different people in your family together?  Perhaps there are members of your family who live in your house but others might live in another town or another country?!  We will be inviting the children to tell us about their family over the term and discussions at home beforehand will help them to have lots to tell us about!


Our Class Family


On our first day back together we read a story about families.  We met different families in the story and were surprised to find out how many different types of family there are.  Afterwards we talked about our class and how we can be a family too.  We then all made a model of ourselves to put together as a family.