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This Term we will be focusing on writing to entertain.

We will be writing narrative stories, create published picture books and have week of performance poetry based on Roald Dahl’s revolting rhymes.

We will continue to build upon the children’s stamina for writing and ensure they are confident at writing sentences using known sounds and that they can use a variety of punctuation. The children will try and make their writing more interesting to the reader by extending their ideas and using interesting vocabulary.

Visual literacy ‘Lucky Dip’ - an animation with no words

Brigg lives in a small, grey room in a large, grey city. When he finds a book in the library labelled ‘Do Not Read’, he cannot resist taking it home. In it, he comes upon pictures of bright, vibrant objects called flowers. He cannot find flowers anywhere in the city, but stumbles instead on a packet of seeds. This sets off a chain of events which bring about unexpected results, continuing to grow and bloom even after we have turned the last page. John Light’s enigmatic story is told with utter simplicity, but resonates long after we finish reading this book. His increasingly optimistic vision is hauntingly captured by Lisa Evans’s beautiful and whimsical illustrations.




In this ingenious and imaginative - nearly wordless - picture book, frogs in a pond lift off on their lily pads and fly to a nearby town where they zoom through a woman's living room, encounter a dog playing in his yard, and distract a bathrobe-clad citizen from his midnight snack. Who knows what will happen next Tuesday?