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Term 1: Hinduism

This term we will introduce some of the key beliefs in the monotheistic religion, Hinduism. We will explore what Hindus believe about Brahman and answer questions such as:

How are deities and key figures described in sacred texts and stories?

What might Hindus understand about the Divine?




Deities  Brahman- ultimate reality           Trimurti- Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva           Lotus flower               dharma- duty

aum symbol             monotheistic religion           dharma       atman     samsara         moksha

Lakshmi- goddess of wealth

Hanuman- monkey god, symbol of strength and energy

Ganesh- god of beginnings



Term 2 - Islam

In term 2 we look closer at the Islam faith with some of our questions for enquiry being: What does the Qur’an say about how Muslims should treat others and live their lives? How can Muslim faith and beliefs be seen in inspirational Muslims? How do the main concepts in Islam reveal the truth about Allah? (religious and visual symbols in a mosque).



Khalifa              Ahd               Shariah           Iman               Ibadah

Harmony        Qur'an       Mosque           Masjid

Five Pillars:     Shahadah                Salat              Zakat               Sawm                Hajj