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Materials - Shaping Up 

This term the  children are introduced to different ways of changing the shapes of objects made from different materials. They will identify materials that can be changed by the actions of squashing, bending, twisting and stretching, and link these actions with the properties of the materials that allow them to be changed. They will discover that some materials have different properties according to how they are shaped and what they are made into, and choose materials for uses according to their properties. They will also learn that pushes and pulls can cause movement or a change in shape. Children will apply their knowledge by making clay models and catapults.

When working scientifically the children will carry out identifying and classifying enquiries and comparative tests. They will record using photographs, labelled drawings, Venn diagrams, tables and bar charts. They will have opportunities to measure using non-standard or standard measures and to compare their findings with those of other children.


twist, squash, bend, stretch, squashing, bending, twisting, stretching, push, pull, pushing, pulling, roll, pinch, press, smooth, flexible, rigid, stretchy, squashy, elastic, stiff, properties, suitable, stretchiness, weight, catapult, frame, missile, strong, table, column, Venn diagram, set, sort, label, measure, record, bar chart

We explored how we could change a material by bending, twisting, stretching and squashing!

Sorting objects - bendy and stretchy with rigid!

We used our observational skills then our measurement skills to measure which elastic was the stretchiest!

Investigating suitable materials to make a catapult!