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This term we will be learning to write to inform.  This will include learning how to write instructions, non-chronological reports and recounts.


Within these types of writing we will continue to focus on the following key areas:

  • Letter  formation
  • Writing a sentence
  • Saying our ideas before writing them
  • Using a capital letter for a name, place or start of a sentence
  • Using a full stop to demarcate the end of a sentence
  • Using finger spaces between words
  • Use the word 'and' to join words and clauses
  • Using our phonics to spell unknown words
Our writing this term will include writing to inform by writing a recount, a report and instructions. Each of these types of writing will enable us to practice the main objectives listed above.


We started our writing to inform term of writing by finding out what a diary is and how they are written. We then wrote our own diary entry about our wow day and also in role as Handa, telling her diary about her sleepover!

Writing Instructions 

We followed instructions and learnt they needed to be very clear otherwise things go wrong! We then tried giving giving instructions to our friends. Finally we have been writing our own instructions!

How to catch Little Red Riding Hood

If you are a wolf and want to know how to catch Little Red Riding you can read our guides!

The Capital Letters and Full Stops Song (A MUST for any KS1 class!)