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Within Maths this term we will be finishing our Statistic work by exploring Bar Charts and Tables.

We will then move onto Fractions. During our Fraction unit we will be working on unit and non-unit fractions, tenths, fractions on a number line and finding fractions of a set of objects.


Week 2 of fractions done!


This week we have been continuing to find fractions of a shape and we have been answering problem-solving and reasoning questions about unit fractions and fractions up to 1 whole. We also started working with tenths which we will be continuing next week. 


Who knows what the denominator would be for tenths?

Wow! What a busy first week of fractions we have had! We have been learning about numerators and denominators and what they represent. 


We also looked at what a unit fraction is and worked to identify unit and non-unit fractions.