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This term our focus turns back to writing to inform. Our writing will be closely linked to our Maafa topic and we will be writing a chronological report and a newspaper article. 



Proof-reading and editing

Before starting our new pieces of writing, we will begin the term by progressing our skills in proof-reading and editing by using our last piece of writing. These lessons will help children to become more independent in correcting and advancing their own work which will benefit their future pieces of writing.



Chronological Reports


A chronological report provides the reader with information about a topic given in time order. We will be writing our reports to inform a reader about the slave trade (what led up to it, what happened and how it ended). 


Newspaper Articles


Following last term's biased news articles, we will turn our attention to unbiased, informative news articles. Children will be asked to immerse themselves into the nineteenth century and report on the abolition of slavery.