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Trip to the beach- We enjoyed our day out at the beach and loved digging holes, building sandcastles and splashing in the sea.

Mini First Aid Training- We completed two sessions learning about cuts and bumps, calling for an ambulance, and cutting food up to eat safely.

The ducklings are getting bigger!

Author visit- Sarah Siggs and her story 'Mud Boy'

Saying hello to three ducklings

Duck eggs- We have said hello to 7 duck eggs. We used a torch to shine a light into the egg, to watch the baby duckling start to move and grow.

Pirate Day- To end our travels the Snail and the Whale, we became pirates for the day. We had a visit from a 'Real Pirate' who taught us how to tie knots, walk the plank and told us pirate stories.

Butterfly release- The children in Noah's Ark Class watched and observed as the caterpillars changed into butterflies. The children were excited to watch them fly and land when we released them.

Our local Firefighters brought their fire engine to help us learn more about their important role in our community. It was fantastic to hear about what they do, and how we can help to stay safe. We had lots of fun using the hose to spray the water.

Our local Police came to visit us in Noah's Ark. They answered our questions about their jobs, and they showed us their uniform and equipment. It was great to see their police car and hear the siren too!

World Book Day 2020- We focused on the story 'Supertato' and lots of us became superheroes! We were very creative and made our very own superhero potatoes using different craft resources. Reading with a partner from a different class also became one of our favourite parts of the day.

ASDA Steve: We have read the story 'Oliver's Fruit Salad' and we learnt that some fruit can be grown in our garden, but some might need some warmer weather. Nevertheless, we had the opportunity to explore and taste lots of different fruits, some that we had not seen before.

Willoughby Foods- Tractor visit: We have been learning about our 'Community Heroes', and what better way than to find out about the important work that farms do.

Pancake Day 2022: We enjoyed learning about the different ingredients needed to make a pancake through the story 'Mr Wolf's Pancakes'. We became great pancake chefs in our role play area!

During our first day of ‘balance bike training’ we learned all the different parts of the bikes, how to make sure our helmets fitted correctly, and how to check our bikes were safe to ride. We then practiced moving between the cones and around the roundabout.

We were thrilled to be able to climb up into the tractors cab when Louie visited today with his tractor. We couldn’t believe how big the tractor was and waved to our friends below.

Today we watched NFU Harvest live and found out where different foods come from. We listened as the farmers explained how they planted and harvested the food. We thought of different coloured foods that the presenters were using to make a rainbow salad. Later in the day we explored the different fruit and vegetables and then safely cut them. We made our own rainbow 🌈 salads. U

St Nicholas CE Primary Academy, Gypsey Bridge Academy and Spilsby Academy Primary all received a new book 'The Family Book' written by Todd Parr. We were all excited to receive the book and sent each other photographs of the activities we did. We talked about and drew our families.