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In Year 6, it is encouraged that your children read 5 times per week. This is because reading helps children to develop a broader understanding of the world around them by exposing them to a variety of characters, cultures and experiences. Reading also allows children to expand their vocabulary, which improves standards in writing and verbal communication. 


In school, your children will participate in meaningful conversations around a wide range of poetry, fiction and non-fiction texts to build their understanding of what they have read. When possible, we would encourage you to read with your child and create discussions around what they are reading at home.


We would like to inspire your children's love for reading, therefore we encourage children to choose something to read that interests them. Your children can then share their enthusiasm for that book with our class in a variety of exciting ways. Why not write a postcard from your favourite character? Or what about drawing your favourite part of the book and telling your friends why they should read it?


Our class story this term is ....


Pig Heart Boy is a powerful story about a teenager (Cameron Kelsey), who is in need of a heart transplant. However, after struggling to get a donor, and with only limited time left to live, Cameron's dad contacts a doctor who specialises in transgenetics. Cameron's one hope is an experimental procedure that has never been done before. His donor? A pig named Trudy.