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Topic Rainbow World

We are continuing with our Topic - Rainbow World. 


We will be very busy!! We will be exploring our feeling and emotions and thinking about what happens at night. We will be exploring if it is night everywhere at the same time, and looking at maps of the world.


Emotions - happy, sad, angry, upset. Celebrations - fireworks, lights. Paddington - lost, home, suitcase, belongings. Night - dark, light, sun, moon, nocturnal. Bikeability - bike, wheels, saddle, chain, helmet, safety. Christmas - nativity, Jesus, Mary and Joseph, stable, star. Christmas - tree, presents, decorations, party, carols.




We discussed what happens to items such as cheese, ice, and butter when they melt. We thought about why they melt. We then did an experiment to explore how we could make the chocolate buttons melt. We tried in our warm mouths, between our hands, and on the radiator. We used a timer to find out how long the chocolate took to melt in our mouths. We discovered if our mouths were open a little the buttons took longer to melt 🍫

We explored the different ingredients and then added them together. We noticed what happened when they were combined. We also noticed how different they looked after being in the oven. Finally we decorated and tasted them.

Today we discussed ‘light and dark’ and have been reading lots of books about night-time. We went into the cloakroom with torches to explore and make shadows.

We watched the story about Paddington Bear and how he came to London all by himself. We have been thinking about all the things you might need and we packed a suitcase for him. We discovered that Paddington’s favourite food is marmalade sandwiches and we know that marmalade isn’t so healthy. We made our own sandwiches and talked about healthy and unhealthy ingredients.

We have introduced an emotion board to Noah's Ark classroom. This is so we can think and talk about how we are feeling. When we arrive in the morning we find our names and then add it to the emotion we are feeling.

If we feel differently throughout the day we can move our names to show our change in how we are feeling.