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Religious Education

Places of Worship


Wisdom, Torah, Yad, Ner Tamid, Synagogue, Mandir, Mosque, Qibla, Prayer Mat, Makkah, Incense, Prasad

This term we will be continuing our learning on places of worship but this time exploring different religions and the key features and symbols that are within their place of worship.

Our main questions are:

‘What do the objects tell us about beliefs about God, humans and the world around us?’

‘How are the objects used in practice?’


We will be looking at Mosques, Mandirs and Synagogues and we will  be learning about the key features in each place of worship.


A synagogue is the place of worship for Jewish people. We will look at the Torah and why Jewish people use a Yad. We will also look at the Ner Tamid which is an eternal light that shows that God is always present. 



A Mosque is where Muslims go to worship. Muslims prepare for prayer by performing Wudu and taking off their shoes. They also kneel down on a prayer mat facing the Mecca. This is called the Qibla. 



The Mandir is where Hindus go to worship. In the Mandir you will find incense, you will hear music and you will take part in Prasad.

As Miss Smith told the story of King Solomon and the baby, some children acted out the story to the rest of the class.