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This week in Prophets class we have been exploring the RMS Titanic. The children have been looking at where and when the mighty ship was built. The children are looking forward to finding out about its fateful journey in English later in the week. 

Today we researched humans who live in the Arctic circle. One of those tribes is the Inuit. 
We presented our findings to the class and compared the lifestyles of the tribes that live in these areas.


To kick off our Frozen Kingdom topic, we completed various activities related to ice, the Arctic and Antarctic. 
We made our own ice cream, drew some beautiful northern lights pictures, and experimented with fresh/salt water and ice. 

During Topic this term, we will be looking at the Frozen Kingdoms!


This is a topic about the planet's coldest lands, the Arctic and Antarctica! These are incredibly beautiful, yet often deadly. We will continue looking at animals and their adaptations to these bitterly cold environments, as well as:

researching facts and figures of climate, temperature, habitats and ecosystems, and delve into the fascinating Northern Lights.