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Special People to Me - This term we will be visiting Father John at St Nicholas church. We will also be visited by Tammy from the Restore Church. We will be learning that all people are different and have different religious beliefs.


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Tammy visited us to talk about who and what is special to her and we shared who is special to us. We shared our experience of visiting St Nicholas church and Tammy told us all about her church and how they help people.

We listened to a Bible story about Jesus healing a blind man. We discussed other stories from the Bible about Jesus and thought about why Jesus is special to Christians. We then thought about people who are special to us and how they make us feel. We drew pictures and talked about times when our family have made us feel happy, but that it is ok to feel sad sometimes.

We listened to a Bible story and talked about Jesus being a special person to Christians. We then talked about people who are special to us and then drew a picture of them.

We visited St Nicholas church and Father John showed us around. We looked at all the different altars in the church and noticed the stain glass windows. We looked at the font and the pictures and statues.

We watched the CBeebies poppy animation and learned what Remembrance Day is and why we wear poppies. We discovered that we buy poppies to raise money for soldiers and their families, and we wear poppies to remind us how brave soldiers are to keep us safe.

Our school value this term is Generosity. We listened to the Bible story Loaves and Fish and thought of ways that we could be generous.