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This week we start our new unit about place value, working with numbers up to the number 50!  It will be essential that your child can count to 50 automatically so please practice this as often as you can!  It will also help them to be able to count backwards starting from 50 and ending back at 0.  It may help your child to use their 100 square to begin with.  You could also help your child to read the numbers to 50 quickly and on sight, and also to write them down!  Before you start maths each day say some numbers, ask them to find them on the 100 square and then ask them to write them on their whiteboard.

Count by 1's to 50 - Forward and Backward | Counting Song for Kids | Count to 50 | Jack Hartmann

Monday - Spr1.5.1 - Counting to 50 by making 10s

There is no worksheet today. The learning activities are included in the video!

Tuesday - Spr1.5.2 - Numbers to 50

Wednesday - Spr1.5.3 - Counting forwards and backwards within 50

Thursday - Spr1.5.4 - Tens and ones

Friday - Spr1.5.5 - Represent numbers to 50