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This week we are writing a persuasive letter.




Use the teaching powerpoint below to find out about persuasive letter writing.

Think of something you would like to persuade your parents to do today.  Would it be to watch a film? Make some cakes? Play a game?  Try writing down some  ideas that you could use to persuade them, then try talking in a 'persuasive way' to see if you can get them to do it!


Revisit our persuasive letter writing ppt from yesterday.  Can you remember the main features of a persuasive letter?


Watch the video below to get more ideas of how to be persuasive!

Write a list of things we could include in our letter to Mrs Booth persuading her to let us do something.  Could it be extra time outside? a class trip? more art lessons?



Here's my WAGOLL to help you with your writing.

Today you will start writing your persuasive letter.  Start by writing your address and the school address at the top of the page.  Next make sure you use the opener Dear......


Write your introductory paragraph.







Continue with your letter.  Write points 1 and 2.  Make sure it is still persuasive!  




Write point 3 and your conclusion.  Once you have finished make sure you proofread and ecit your writing.