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Remember that for our reading lessons we have two groups. On Mondays and Fridays we stay as one group and then on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday we split into two groups, one with Mr Lee and one with Mr Rowlatt. Mr Rowlatt's group's work can be found by following the link.

Monday - Remember this is for the whole class.


To be able to use a fiction text to explain.


Below you will find a PDF document of the first chapter of our class book, The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe. 

Have a read of chapter 1 and then come back to find our the question for today.

Your questions 


What characters are introduced during this chapter? 


Can you explain the relationship the characters are to each other. For example Jimmy is Ben's dad.

Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday - Mr Lee's Group 


Over the next three days we are going to be look at an extract from The Gingerbread Star written by Anne Fine. The extract can be found below and it is the same extract for all three lessons. 

The Gingerbread Star Extract

Friday - Whole class together 


To be able to describe a character.


Today we are going to be focusing on the last two pages of chapter 1. They can be found in the PDF below. 


Have another read of them now so that they are fresh in your mind, then come back and find today's question.

Your Question 


Using the last two pages of Chapter 1, can you describe the Faun (the very strange person). Whilst you are describing the Faun, remember to use evidence from the text. 


Poor example. 

The Faun has a really big smelly red nose. 

This is a poor answer because no where in the text does it say anything about the Faun having a big smelly red nose. Remember, you need to use evidence from the text to explain your answer. 



Can you draw a picture of what you think the Faun looks like?