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Mindfulness Activities

Mindfulness and Wellbeing 

Relaxation and Mindfulness



Outside the Box

has produced a free activity journal to help children to enhance their mental wellbeing through a range of activities.

I have uploaded a copy below 


Childline Calm Zone 

Childline has added a wonderful 'Calm Zone' to their website you can click this link to go and look at the wonderful videos, resources and ideas they have to support during this different time.


BBC Bitesize 

BBC Bitesize has created some wonderful resources that can support not only students with SEND but all families 


The Lincolnshire Partnership NHS Trust

The NHS Trust have created dedicated support centres to help parents and children during these difficult times


 If you scroll down on the linked site you will see lots of helpful information.  If you click on the relaxation and self-soothing tab you will find some short relaxation videos which are around two minutes long. These can be used by not only children and young people, but family/carers and professionals who may be struggling and need some support :


  • square breathing
  • finger breathing
  • colour breathing
  • my happy place exercise
  • progressive muscle relaxation 


Dr Pooky Knightsmith 

Dr Knightsmith has created some free courses on anxiety and mindfulness that you can watch, they take about 30 minutes maximum and the one on self soothing is particularly useful and contains many self help strategies 

The links are below 


Using simple self soothe strategies to calm 



Staying Mentally well during Covid-19




British Red Cross 

The British Red Cross have also added some Mindfulness activities which you can find by clicking below