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Today we took part in the Christingle Service and learned what the items represent. Click on the link below to discover more.

We had fun learning how to ride a balance bike. Steve taught us all the parts of the bike and how to check the bikes were safe. We then practiced moving the bikes along and played lots of games to practice our manoeuvring.

We have been practicing controlling the balls during our PE lesson. We moved them around our bodies and then worked with a partner. We finished by passing the ball backwards, either over our head or through our legs.

Following our visit to church we were awarded a special certificate.

We visited St Nicholas church and Father John showed us around. We looked at the different altars in the church and noticed the pictures on the stained glass windows. We looked at the large Bible and the font. Father John and the church warden helped us to light a candle.

We explored the school grounds looking for signs of Autumn. We each had an Autumn checklist that we marked as we saw the items. We spotted brown, yellow, red and orange leaves 🍁 We also found conkers and berries.

Today Louie the tractor driver brought his tractor for us to look at. He let us all climb aboard and pretend we were tractor drivers, just like him. He told us that the tractor was a bit muddy because he had been moving cattle to their sheds from the fields now it was getting cold.

Today we watched NFU Harvest Live and found out where different foods come from. We listened as farmers explained how they planted and harvested food. We thought of different coloured foods that the presenters were using to make a rainbow salad. Later in the day we explored the different fruits and vegetables and then safely cut them. We made our own rainbow 🌈 salads.

Week beginning 13th September - we explored the Enchanted Garden together this week. We rolled down the hill and dug in the mud area. We explored all the natural items and found conker shells on the ground and blackberries in the hedge. We saw 🐝 and πŸ¦‹ landing on the pretty flowers as we stood on the bridge.

We explored our school allotment and orchard this week. We picked cherry πŸ…, 🍐 and 🍎 which we tried at snack-time. The pears were delicious πŸ˜‹ We learnt why some of the fruit had fallen from the tree and explored a new word β€˜ripe’.

We were visited by some of Noah’s Ark Parents today, who joined us for a story session. We listened to the story β€˜The Kissing Hand’ together.

Week beginning 6th September- We visited the library for the first time today and chose a book each to take home to share with our families. We really enjoyed exploring the library and there were so many books to choose from.