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This term we will be focusing on writing to inform.

We will be aiming to write a recount, a non-chronological report and some instructions!


We will start the term looking at how to write a set of simple instructions.

We will be looking at what a good set of instructions look like and what features should be included. We will learn how to use imperative (bosy) verbs to make our instructions clear and simple. We will learn how to follow instructions and write our own set of instructions of how to wash our hands correctly. 


instructions        title      bullet points      sub-headings     sequence      verbs       adverbs 

time conjunctions: first, then, next, after, after that , finally


Make a Paper Dog with Mister Maker | ZeeKay Junior

Learn how to make a paper dog with Mister Maker! It's super easy, just follow the step-by-step instructions like Mister Maker, and you'll have your very own dog!



Memorable Experience! We followed instructions to make pitta bread pizzas! We then learnt about how to write about this event in a recount! We used time conjunctions to help us sequence our ideas and thought carefully about how we should present our finished work!

Diary Rosa Parks In topic we have been learning about significant people. We learnt about the day Rosa Parks made a stand for all black people around the World.

Non-Chronological Reports

Our learning ...