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Human Survival 


Aerobic, carbohydrates, hydration, hygiene, juvenile, nutrition, proteins. 


In the Human Survival project,  we will revisit learning about humans, such as how humans are living things and a type of animal, called a mammal, that grows and changes. We will learn about the human life cycle and think about what humans need to survive, including food, water and shelter.


We will then learn about the four things we need to stay healthy: a balanced diet, plenty of water, exercise and enough sleep. As part of this learning, we will evaluate our own diet and other people's diets. We will learn about the importance of exercise and take part in an exercise challenge over time to observe firsthand the benefits of exercise to our health. As well as the four things we need to stay healthy, we will also look at hygiene practices, such as washing hands and brushing teeth. We will investigate why we should use soap to wash our hands and bodies, learning that washing hands with soap and clean running water helps humans avoid getting ill and spreading germs to others. 

Science - Animals including humans

We pretended that the glitter on our hands was germs. We observed how the 'germs' spread around the classroom. We then tested 3 different ways to wash our hands: cold water, cold water and soap and hot water and soap. We found out that hot water and soap was the best way to wash your hands.