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KS1 Writing

This week we are continuing with writing to inform and we will write our own recount of our special event we held last week!


Today we are going to be completing a Spag activity, learning to use conjunctions. If you are not sure what conjunctions are, here is a helpful video that you can watch to explain them in more detail. 

Top tip!

You can use becauseif and when at the beginning or the middle of a sentence.

For example:

  • I was late because I missed the bus.

  • Because I missed the bus, I was late.

Monday CHALLENGE 1 Powerpoint with the daily activity to copy onto white boards using the conjunction 'and'

Monday CHALLENGE 2 - Powerpoint of using a variety of subordination because if when Have a go at a couple of examples from each page on your whiteboards.


Think about your special event you had a home on Friday(or any special event you have had). What did you do?  At school we had a tea party for Edgar the Dragon.  We made some cakes and played some games.  We also danced to some music.  Using the template below as a guide, split a piece of paper into 6 or 8 pieces and draw the things that you did at your special event.  Draw one thing in each box and remember as we are learning about recount we must draw them in the correct order.

Mrs MacRae's Plan of her Special Event

Edgars's Birthday Party!

Mrs MacRae’s Recount Plan of her special event

Wednesday and Thursday

Using your plan write sentences linked to every picture! You can take two days to complete your writing.

Check that every sentence makes sense, that you have used your sounds, have used the correct punctuation and tried hard to use conjunctions to extend your ideas!


Here is my example ...

Edgar's Birthday

On Friday I had a really exciting day at school! It was Edgar's birthday and he had a surprise birthday party! We all joined in to celebrate his 6th birthday. 

First I decorated some cakes and my hands got really messy.

They were chocolate flavoured with green sprinkles on top as this is Edgar's favourite colour!





Then Mrs Smith put some loud music on and I danced until I was worn out. 
















Next, it was time to play party games and we played pass the parcel.


I was sad because I didn't win the prize!













After the party games, I was really thirsty so I was happy that it was time for tea. 


I had a ham sandwich, carrot sticks and some chocolate fingers.












Later on, we all sang happy birthday to Edgar and he blew out the candles on his cake. 


We all cheered and clapped when the candles went out. 










Finally it was time to go home.


I had a lovely time at Edgar's birthday party. My favourite part was when we danced to the loud party music because Mrs Smith's dancing was so funny! What an amazing day I had! Whose party will it be next?





Over the last few weeks you have learnt all about recounts! Now put all your new skills to the test by rising to this challenge...

Write your own recount on anything you wish!

It could be something that has happened in your own life or a story that you can retell as if you were the main character!

Be creative as you like!

Remember to use: 


Time Conjunctions:

First, then, next, after, finally

Conjunctions to join sentences:

and so but because or when if 

Variety of punctuation: 

Capital letters, finger spaces, full stops, exclamation marks , question marks