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Can you complete some number sentences using Mr Wolf and his pancakes. The instructions say to use playdough, but don't worry if you don't have any playdough you could draw and cut out some circles instead. 

Use the number formation sheet or watch the video below to ensure you write the numbers correctly.


Let's all draw numbers 




If you would like to challenge yourself use the pancakes you have to complete other number sentences.





Before Mr Wolf went to the shop he was a bit confused about his money. Can you help him? If you have some coins in your house you could use them, if not you could make your own coins using the pictures below.



Look at the numbers on the coins. How many 1p will you need to have the same amount as the 2p? How many will you need for the 5p and the 10p? Can you use different coins to make 5p? Which coins could you use? Can you use the 10p? Why not?




Mr Wolf has gone to the shop to buy some items to make his pancakes. He is not sure how much money he needs to take, can you help him? Use the amounts of money for each item to make a number sentence and draw with it what he is buying.


Number sentence 1


        3p             3p


Number sentence 2


        5p                    3p

Number sentence 3


   10p                    5p


Can you make other combinations? Maybe this time you could like to buy 2 bottles of milk. Write a number sentence to make sure you take the correct money to the shop.



Collect some items from your cupboards and set up your own shop. Write numbers on them from 1p to 10p. What would you like to buy from the shop? Count out your money, but you can only take them when you have given the correct money. 




Numberblock number 9 goes back to his house, but 'oh no' everything has gone. Watch the episode to solve the mystery.


Numberblocks - The Wrong Number


Can you practice writing your numbers in sequence? Can you write them correctly without checking the numberline. Can you write to 10?? If you can challenge yourself to try to 20! Use the numberline below to check you have written in the correct order, do you have to move any about?