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To be able to locate places on a map.


This map is brilliant to use to locate different places.,-0.38936,7


Have a play around with the map and see what places you can find.


Your task 


Today's task is to find some important places to do with our Traders and Raiders topic. The places are listed below. 

You will need to;

1- Find the place on this map,-0.38936,7

2- Label the place on the blank map which can be found below. You do not need to print this off. Instead you could sketch the outline of the map and then label the places onto your own map. 

3- Repeat for all of the locations. 


The Locations 

1- Cadbury Castle 

2- Wroxeter, Shropshire 

3- Mitchell's Fold Stone Circle 

4- Glastonbury Tor

5- Tintagel, Cornwall 



1) What do you notice about the locations of the places you have just found? 


2) Why do you think these places are important for our topic? We will find out more about this as we continue our topic.