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English in the Early Years

The Early Years Framework covers 'English' aspects through reading and writing. The children at St Nicholas C of E Primary Academy follow a reading and writing scheme called ‘Read Write Inc.’ It aims to develop children’s phonetic knowledge to support early stages of reading, spelling and writing.

Read Write Inc.

Your child will have daily RWI sessions, which are focused on their individual stage of reading. Children will learn how to correctly pronounce sounds linked to it’s letter (grapheme), and how to blend these sounds together to form words. They will also learn rhymes and mnemonics to support writing letter formations correctly.


Mark making & Writing

Children’s fine motor develop is important in their early stages of writing. They will be exposed to activities and games to strengthen the muscles in their hands and fingers to help build strength and control for pencil writing. Through the year, they will begin to apply their phonetic knowledge of sounds to begin to write and record labels, their names, and sentences. At the end of reception, your child should be using rich vocabulary, fine motor skills, and sound knowledge to write full sentences to record their ideas.  


Talk through Stories

‘Talk through Stories’ is a scheme developed by Ruth Miskin (also the founder of RWI), which exposes children to language rich stories to promote a love of reading and new vocabulary that can be understood and applied in everyday context.

Our mark marking ...