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Today I would like you to watch the story Room on the Broom As you watch I would like you to count how many people and animals join to sit on the broom. So as the witch sits on the broom she is number 1, so write the number and draw the character next to it. Can you continue through the story? How many seats does the witch need at the end of the story? Are they all the same? Can you write the numbers for how many seats, how many nests and how many bowls?

If you are not sure how to write your numbers watch the quick video below or copy from the number formation sheet.


Lets all draw numbers video 





Exploring capacity with coloured water.


Play with coloured water and plastic bottles and learn about simple capacity and measuring maths concepts at the same time!

This fun activity focusses on making Maths playful, fun and totally hands-on and worksheet free! The activity uses recycled materials and easy to obtain items from around the home, making them simple enough to set up quickly and cheaply. 


For this activity you can use various size and shape plastic bottles (for e.g. shampoo & juice containers) and funnels. If you don't have a funnel you can cut the top off one of the empty bottles. 

You can colour the water so it is more visible if you have any food colouring or add a flavouring to add a scent! These suggestions are optional.



Onto the bottles draw very simple markings, different on each one to show a range of potential measuring scales. Suggestions could be writing “quarter, half, three quarters and full”, and on another could be the number form of this “1/4, 1/2, 3/4, 1” and on the last roughly mark into 10 equal portions, numbering them from 1-10 and marking off the half way point. The idea behind this was to give a large a range as possible and introduce lots of learning and vocabulary possibilities.



Then simply invite children to play, play, play! As water play is a favourite of Noah's Ark they will soon be scooping, pouring, filling and emptying. Talk about the half way mark on each bottle and what it represents, then set the challenge of filling the bottles with water to meet the line exactly which is harder than it seems and a real test of co-ordination and control when pouring.  Encourage children to name the numbers they fill to on the bottles.




There are plenty of opportunities for learning lots of new mathematical vocabulary during the play and for seeing in a very visual way what a quarter, half, three quarters and full actually look and feel like.




Today I have a game for you called 'Bunny Ears'. All you need is both of your hands and some paper and a pencil. Choose a number from the number line below. If you are not confident in all the numbers to 10 try choosing a number to 5 first, then you can challenge yourself to choose a bigger number.



Now using your fingers can you show that many fingers? 


Count each finger to check that you have the correct amount and matches your number. Now can you write a number sentence to represent your fingers, for example the one above is 5 + 3 = 8. How many different ways can you show the same number. Don't forget to put your work and videos onto Tapestry for us to see your brilliant work.  




Can you find a box/container of any size. Now collect some items from your house. It could be a cushion, some of your soft toy or superheroes. Can you estimate, which is a fancy word for guess, how many items you can fit in your box/container? Write the number you estimated on some paper and then add the items counting as you add them. Was your estimation correct? Now try with different sized items. Don't forget to send some photos and your estimations.




Watch the Hen House Hop episode


Look at the numberlines below. Can you copy one onto paper, leaving a gap for the missing numbers. Do you know the missing number? Fill to complete the numberline. Challenge yourself to complete another one, or maybe one to 20! When you have completed use the numberline below to check your work and correct any numbers in the wrong place. Give yourself a tick.