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Newspaper Reports 


Today we continued planning our Newspaper Reports about the Launch of the Guidrum, a brand new instrument! We have been thinking about the features of a Newspaper report whilst planning alongside out PAT to make sure we include everything that we need to! 

Newspaper Reports 


This week we started looking at Newspaper Reports. We started by finding out about the features and then tried to find them in a WAGOLL text. We finished the week by comparing the similarities and differences between different real life Newspaper Reports. We found that, whilst they have all of the features, they are used in different ways and in different layouts! 

Diary Entries 


The first text type that we are going to be looking at is Diary Entries. Our writing is going to be linked to our Playlist topic, so make sure you keep coming back to see what we are doing and to find out who we are going to pretend to be when we write our Diary!