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It has become a tradition in recent years for the big stores to release a Christmas advert, along with heart wrenching plot and chilled out musical cover version.  

In this advert we see a small boy and his 'pet' penguin, they do everything together, but we soon see that the penguin has a yearning for something more.  The penguin is looking for a friend a bit more like himself.  At the end we have the big reveal and we find out that Monty is a stuffed penguin and the little boy's parents have bought him a 'mate.'  Both the boy and the penguin are happy!  'Give someone the Christmas they've been dreaming of!' is the strap-line. 

Writing Opportunities - choose the writing outcomes you wish to do!

  • The day the boy met Monty diary entry
  • Write a diary entry in 1st person as the boy describing his concerns about Monty.
  • Write a letter to Father Christmas asking for the new penguin adding details for why you need it. Use emotive language in order to persuade. 
  • Research and write reports about Non-Chronological reports about penguins. 
  • Rewrite the story replacing the penguin with a different wild animal. 
  • Compare and contrast with Oliver Jeffers - Lost and found animated film and picture book.