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Beat, Band Boogie


Here comes the marching band. Left, right, left, right. Step in time to the beat: 1, 2, 3, 4; let's make sounds, high and low. That sound is loud. That one’s quiet. What can you hear? There are sounds all around. What’s making each one? Name all the instruments in the band and be part of a ‘body orchestra’. How do drums and guitars work?  Build your own and try to find out! Finally design and make your own instrument to play in our marching band! Now march up the hill with the Grand Old Duke of York, beating your drum or shaking your shaker. Then it’s time to perform. Your audience loves you, so let’s take a bow.

Watch the Marching Band Perform

Our topic work focuses on Music and Design Technology this term!  In D.T we will be designing and making instruments so we can perform in our very own marching band!  We will find out how the instruments and also how they make sound!  We will investigate sound around our school and plot the sounds we hear on our own maps!

Our Wow Music Day!

On Wednesday 21st April we launched our topic with an amazing musical extravaganza!  Dan from DCP Drums came to lead us in some amazing drumming workshops which included us playing on a full drum kit as well as a set of electric drums!  We learnt to create different beats and the names of some of the drumming movements too!  The confidence built during these sessions was shown when some children then became the teacher and taught the rest of the class some new beats!


Wow !

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Leading the way ...

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Other Instruments

We also spent some time finding out about other instruments including those in a marching band!  We tried out the instruments to see how they make sounds and if we could make different levels of pitch on the instruments.  

We also learnt about African Drumming and had the opportunity to play the djembe drum!


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Balloon Drums! We read and followed instructions to make our very own balloon drums! We had to decide which objects would be a good base! We realised it had to be strong to keep the balloon skin drum tight enough to make a sound! We showed great teamwork!! So many children showed resilience, perseverance and determination to complete the task!

SAMBA with Miss Allen

Can you learn the names of the instruments in a band?

Mr Booth and his Electric Guitar! We had the pleasure of being able to welcome Mr Booth into our school! He treated us to a live performance on his electric guitar! We learnt about the different parts of the guitar and how it makes different sounds! We loved the whole experience! We then designed abd made our very own guitars using junk modelling!

Dancing to Mr Booth playing his electric guitar!

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Can Water Play Music? The children filled jars with different volumes of water and tapped them to see how the volume of water changed the sound. The children started by filling three jars with different volumes of water. They listened to the sounds made when the three jars were tapped, ordering them from highest to lowest pitched sound. The children leant that the amount of water affects the pitch of the sound created by tapping the jars. They then decided how much water to add to more jars to create sounds with different pitches and made a 'jar xylophone'.

Our Instrument Designs and final junk model instruments

Lincolnshire Music Service WOW event to finished our Topic!

Musical Instruments Sounds For Kids