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Independent Learning

During Independent Time children can choose their own learning when they put into practice when they have learned during lessons. This may be building using bricks or drawing and writing. Each child's learning will be individual, but below are a few ideas if they are choosing the same learning every day.


Looking at the moon



Following our topic of 'What happens when I fall asleep?' why don't you look out of your window every night when it gets dark. Can you see the moon? What shape is it? Draw a picture of it every night and see what happens. Can you see the moon every night? Why not? If you look out again before you go to bed is it in the same place as it was earlier? Remember to post your pictures on Tapestry. 

You can use the table below as a guide and make your own.


Gingerbread Man


Our story this term is The Gingerbread Man. If you have the ingredients follow the recipe to make your very own Gingerbread Man. Just be careful he doesn't run away!!


Don't forget to put photographs of your Gingerbread Man onto Tapestry.



Hand picture



You can listen to the poem Finger Face on the Video Resource Centre and then why not draw around your own hand. Can you add different faces to each finger and write how they are feeling and why? Ask the other people in your house if you can draw around their hands and compare the different sizes.


Whatever Next book


After listening to the Whatever Next book have a look around your house for the things Baby Bear used to go to the moon with. Can you act out the story and be just like Baby Bear?