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3 Times Table Song - Percy Parker - Who Likes School Dinners - with animation and lyrics

3 x table

Term 1

Place Value

In this topic, we will recap and develop the children's knowledge from Key Stage 1 regarding the value of numbers. 

By the end of this unit, children will be able to represent and partition number to 1,000, order them on a number line, estimate a numbers place on a number line and count in 50s. 




Thousands          Hundreds          Tens              Ones                     Partition             Number line



Addition and Subtraction

In this topic, we will practise adding and subtracting in 1s, 10s and 100s including passing across a ten or hundred. We will then introduce the formal written method to add and subtract two numbers. 





Written method                  Exchange                  Addition                   Subtraction                  Sum               Complement