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Welcome toSt Nicholas Church of England Primary Academy


We have an incredibly exciting topic this term. Traders and Raiders.


In this topic, we will begin this topic with our WOW event, where we will be building our own Viking longboats. We hope you will join us doing this at home too!


During this topic we will be taking part is lots of different activities including; using ordnance survey maps to find different locations, exploring the everyday life of Anglo-Saxon settlers, dramatizing the events of Alfred the Great’s battle and writing diary entries as a Viking soldier. We will be sharing lots of our experiences on here and on twitter, so make sure you keep checking our pages for updates.




 We had a fantastic day for our wow event and created our very own longboat with specially designed protective shields down the side. We made sure that we had a scary dragon head on the front to intimidate our enemies and a bit sail to help us speed across water.