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Addition and subtraction within 20



Addition, add, plus, subtraction, minus, equals

This term we will be learning about addition and subtraction within 20. 

We will continue to add by counting on and we will learn that it is more efficient to start from the largest number when adding. We will also use our knowledge of number bond facts within 10 to help us with addition and subtraction within 20. This term, we will introduce subtraction where we have to cross ten.  We will use concrete manipulatives to support the children's understanding of subtraction and finding the difference. Towards the end of our unit we will look at fact families within 20 where children will learn that addition and subtraction are inverse operations. We will then end on using the vocabulary 'greater than, less than and equal to' to compare number sentences. 

Place value (within 50)



Tens, ones, digit, more, less, greater than, less than, equal to. 


Our second unit of the term is 'place value within 50) where we will continue our learning of two digit numbers and the fact they are made up of tens and ones.  We will expand our number range to 50 and continue to learn to build number using base 10 equipment.  We will then look at one more and one less with numbers within 50 and we will compare and order them. In this unit we will also start counting in 2s and 5s. 


We started our Place value within 50 unit

Counting in 2s

2 Times Table Song (Cover of Can't Stop The Feeling! By Justin Timberlake)

Counting in 5s

Count by 5's song