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At St Nicholas C.E. Primary Academy, we teach the knowledge and understanding of the human and physical world around us, allowing our students to develop their knowledge of the Earth, and their place in it. We promote the unique diversity of St Nicholas and Boston, developing an understanding of our local geography centered around growing and farming. We seek to inspire curiosity within our children and aim to give our learners the knowledge they need to shine and understand the world around them; intertwined with the Christian value of stewardship.  



We implement a progressive Geography curriculum which is delivered through carefully chosen Cornerstones topics, aiming to inclusively capture imagination and provide excitement. These topics maintain strong links to the National Curriculum and ensure coverage across all key stages. Our Curriculum is taught on a two-year cycle and within phases (EYFS, Year 1/2, Year 3/4 and Year 5/6). Geographical skills and understanding are built on prior knowledge and are developed through WOW days, questioning and conducting research in an efficient way. As pupils progress through school, they grow a deepening knowledge of the world around them and how they have a responsibility, as a global citizen, to look after and protect the Earth and all it's inhabitants. We provide our learners with the skills and knowledge required in order to understand the interactions between human and physical processes.  




Our Geography curriculum has been developed in order to enable all children to develop a rich cultural capital, which will allow our pupils to foster a lifelong love of learning. The impact of our curriculum is measured through the use of pupil discussions and pre and post Cornerstones assessment in order to monitor progress. We provide our children with the skills they need to flourish beyond school and into adulthood as well as giving them a firm foundation knowledge to build upon in the next stage of their education.