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We had a great time with Asda Steve designing, making and eating fruit yogurts. We tried some new berries, thought about what we wanted our yogurts to look like and how we could make them look like that. 


We then got to try them and they were scrumptious! 

Today we were making cakes with Miss King! We have been learning all about instructions and how to follow then. Now we are going to create our own instructions for how to make a cake we are designing. 


We loved our making and tasting lesson! 

We have been thinking a lot about FAIRTRADE. We have learnt what it is and how it can help farmers to get a fair price for their produce. 

Today we thought about just how important FAIRTRADE is. We answered questions like, Can I help with FAIRTRADE? I am happy to pay a little bit more to buy a FAIRTRADE product.