St Nicholas Church of EnglandPrimary Academy


Welcome toSt Nicholas Church of England Primary Academy

Who's Who

Welcome from all the staff at St Nicholas CE Primary Academy!


Leadership team and Teaching staff

Executive Head Teacher - Mr G Booth

Head of Academy - Mrs F Booth

Assistant Headteachers- Mr T Bell

                                        Mrs K Holzer


Year 6  Prophets Class Teacher - Mr T Bell

Year 5 Saints Class Teacher - Miss K King

Year 4 Pilgrims Class Teacher - Mr D Gormal

Year 3 Disciples Class Teacher - Mr C Lee

Year 2 Apostles Class Teacher - Mrs L MacRae

Year 1 Gospels Class Teacher - Mrs L Smith

EYFS  Noah's Ark Class Teacher - Mrs K Holzer

Cover Teachers - Mrs S Dougill, Mrs D Basker, Miss M Allen


Learning Mentor/SEN Manager

Mrs L Curtis


Learning Support Assistants

Mrs D Clarke

Miss M Allen

Mrs S Harrison

Miss A Burt

Miss K Andrew

Mrs T Burdass

Mrs W Jargilo

Miss Acton

Mrs Stukins

Mrs Watson


1:1 Support Assistants

Mr R Rowlatt

Miss R Taylor


Administration and site staff

Mrs D Molson

Mrs T Dallywaters

Mrs H Johnson

Mr K Chamberlain


Midday staff

Mrs T Smalley

Mrs C Williamson

Mrs S Weil