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Key Stage 1 Writing

This week we will be continuing writing to inform others by writing instructions.  We will practice giving instructions and we will be writing some instructions for how to be a good friend!  


Read the story of Starry eyed Stan here :

If there was someone being nasty or bullying others in our school playground what instructions might you say to them?


Practice giving some instructions in your bossy voice!


I think I might say:


Stop it!

Go away!

Leave me alone!

Don't be nasty!


Can you think of anymore?

There are two challenges you can choose which activity you complete.  Challenge 1 is aimed at our year 1 children and challenge 2 is aimed at the year 2 children. 


This week your challenge will be to write a set of instructions about how to be a good friend. 

Today we are going to gets some ideas so we can plan what might go into our writing.  We are going to think about what you think makes a good friend.

Use the powerpoint below to help you think of some things that could make someone a good friend.  
Next use the worksheet below to help you create a picture of what makes a good friend.  In your book draw a person (just like page 1 of the activity sheet).  Then write ideas around your picture to show the things that you think make a good friend.  On page 2 you will find some ideas to help you.



Read the story of A magical Muddle.  This story includes people giving instructions.  Can you spot any instructions as you read?

A witches spell is just like a recipe which is another list of instructions!



Let's go back to the ideas we had yesterday when we were thinking about what would make a good friend.  Can you remember the ideas you had?  Talk to someone about your ideas.


Today we are going to start writing our instructions to tell someone how to be a good friend.


Click on the link below to open the powerpoint to help!




Today we will finish writing our instructions. Click on the link for today's lesson!


Today's challenge is to write a set of instructions of your own.  It is up to you what you write them for.  It could be how to make a sandwich, how to wash your hands, how to play a game or even how to skip!


You choose!  


Remember to use the powerpoint from yesterday if you get stuck.  


Don't forget to include:


  • What you need
  • What to do
  • Bullet points
  • A capital letter at the start of each instruction 
  • Adverbs of time  (First, next, after that, also, finally)
  • A full stop or explanation mark at the end of each instruction