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Term 1: Relationships


In Year 3, the children will develop their knowledge from Key Stage 1, where they looked at different feels, who to talk to and ways to control themselves as well as the importance of listening. Their new knowledge in Year 3 will include how to work cooperatively and collaboratively, finding ways to deal with different opinions. 



Consequences            Rules              Lose              Different             Cooperation                Collaboration

Teamwork             Conflict               Resolution                Compromise                  Opinions               Respect


Term 2: Families, Friendships and our Community!


Disciples class get to take part in lots of discussions around the subject of families, friendships and the community. We will learn how all families are different and that this is ok. Children will be able to express their individual views and beliefs while remaining respectful to all others. The 9 characteristics will play a large part of our learning and will allow the children to learn about all types of families. Have a go at testing them to see if they can name any, they can be found all around the school :) Good luck!


Key vocabulary:

  • Family
  • adoption
  • fostering
  • same-sex couple
  • blended family
  • community
  • belonging
  • prejudice
  • disability
  • gender
  • race
  • colour
  • reliable
  • misleading
  • similarities
  • differences
  • identity
  • respect
  • name calling 
  • bullying