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Let's Explore The World



Climate   Fieldwork   Human feature   moorland   observation   physical feature



This term, we continue our 'Let's Explore the World' geography project where, as it says in the title, we explore the world. So far we used essential geographical skills such as using an atlas, a compass and a map with a key. We then deepened our understanding of the equator and learnt about the continents that are close to and far away from the equator. 


This term we will learn more about the characteristics of the four countries in the United Kingdom as we collect and compare data about population sizes, cities, the landscape, physical features and human features. We will use our knowledge of the United Kingdom to compare England to Somalia in Africa and identify their similarities and differences.


We will carry out fieldwork, collecting data about how people use a local human feature and then we will begin to interpret the information gathered to help us decide how to improve our chosen human features.