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This term our science focus is on plants.  We will be observing what plants look like and identifying the main parts of them.  We will learn that leaves can be different between plants but also different during the different seasons.  We will learn the terms deciduous and evergreen and observe the different types of tree closely.  Every lesson will involve practical experiences looking at the plants and trees around our school!



Do plants have legs?

We predicted and then explored, finding the different parts of the plants! We decided that no they don’t have legs but they do have some other important parts!

Deciduous and Evergreen Trees

We found out about the two types of trees before going on a tree hunt to find the different types of tree!  Whilst we were hunting trees we also collected some leaves.  Back in the classroom we used the magnifying glasses to observe the leaves closely.  

Find out more about deciduous and evergreen trees here:

Evergreen vs. Deciduous Trees