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To be able to find the important words in Genesis 1:1-5


Today we are going to be continuing to look at the Christian belief of God The Trinity by reading Genesis 1:1-5 from the Bible.


You can find it by following this link -


Have a read by following the question below. Whilst you read you will need to make a list of all of the words that you think are the most important. 




Now I would like you to look at all of the words that you have wrote down. Can you reduce the list to the 6 words or phrases that you think are the most important


Once you have done that, have a look at my list below. Don't look until you have decided your 6 most important though! 


My 6 most important words or phrases were: 

God, life, light, darkness, Spirit of God and Earth. 


How did my list and your list compare? Were they the same or different? 




Why do you think the 6 most important words that I chose were; God, life, light, darkness, Spirit of God and Earth. 

When answering that question, think about all of the learning we have done about The Trinity last term.