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Places of Worship

This term we study the first half of our 'places of worship' unit.  We begin by finding out what the word worship means and exploring why people of different faiths might visit a place of worship.  Next we begin by exploring a Christian Church and finding out why people visit them and what they have inside.  We will focus on three items when studying a place of worship.  In the Christian Church we will look at candles, the altar and the font.  Towards the end of term we will take the children to look around St Nicholas Church to enable them to see the things we have learnt about in real-life.  Next term we will continue with this unit of work looking at a Mosque and a synagogue!

To find out more about the inside of a Church the videos below offer a simple insight for adults of children.

Tour of a Church - Part 1

Tour of a Church - Part 2

Tour of a Church - Part 3

Our Special Places

We thought about why places of worship were special. We then thought about special places to us and why they are special.