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KS1 Science - Materials

Can you think of some things that are made from stretchy materials?

Why is it useful for some materials to be stretchy?

Why is it not useful for some materials to be stretchy?

Go on a hunt around your house and collect some different materials.  These could include metal, plastic, paper, wood, fabric, stone, brick etc  Make sure you can name them.

Activity - play with a partner!

Feely bag – choose one of the materials and put it in a bag. Player 1 describes it to player 2 and player 2 has to guess what it is. Use words such as hard, soft, bendy, rough, smooth etc


Use some modelling clay/plasticine or playdoh and  have time to explore the material. Describe how it feels!


You are going to become sculpters, how could you change the shape of the clay to make a model? Use the clay to create a model by squashing, squeezing, twisting, bending, stretching.



Challenge 1: Make your model, but keep it hidden from your partner.  Then give instructions to your partner telling them how to make your model using their clay. Try to use the words bend, stretch, squash, twist, squeeze!  Check are your models the same?

Challenge 2: Create a model and write a simple set of instructions of how to make your sculpture. Give your instructions to someone else and see if they can follow your instructions to recreate your model!